Our journey into the kitchen
  1. Why we do what we do!
    Because we love baking baby!!
    We have been blissfully baking for over 40 years, because we have always loved creamed sugar and butter, folding in egg whites, and rolling pie crust. It wasn't until two years ago that the crazy idea to sell items at a Farmers Market occurred to us. We began by baking up a bunch of muffins, packing up the family car, and heading out to the market, which immediately became our joy and our obsession.
  2. How does it get done?
    A spoon full of sugar, and a load of support!
    This is a family run business, which means we are all in! We are Mama B, Papa B, and our three wonderful kids. Mama does the baking, Papa helps load and unload groceries, pans, pots, tents, tables and hundreds of muffins each week. Papa also takes all of the beautiful pictures that you see here. The kids taste test new items, help set up and serve customers at the Farmers Market, load and unload above items, and offer technical support for all non-baking tasks.
  3. What have we learned?
    To laugh at the spilled milk, and to try again!
    Oh sure, we have set plenty of ovens on fire, but isn't that part of the whole experience? Loads of bundt cakes have collapsed, cinnamon rolls puffed up to the size of my head, cookies forgotten in the oven, and now forever fossilized into our good baking pans. We have pushed through each mishap, and have happily marched onward. It is a process, it is a journey, and a sweet one at that!
  4. And why we are truly grateful ~
    For the opportunity to do what we love ~
    ~ and to be able to share it with the people we love, for our newly found community of fellow vendors, wonderful customers, and good friends that we have made along the way. We have had the tremendous opportunity to share events, food, stories and laughter with these folks. We are delighted to be a part of it all!
Thank you for stopping by!